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    You are required to provide evidence of your qualification (minimum of Diploma or Degree), and your membership of a relevant professional association. Please scan copies as picture or pdf files and upload here. Alternatively post copies to The Goulding Institute, P.O. Box 16, Bulleen VIC 3105 Australia.

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  • I hereby apply for admission to the Goulding Institute Post-Graduate Diploma of Psychonutrition and Orthomolecular Medicine. I affirm that I comply with all the pre-requisites and undertake to use the knowledge gained in a careful and professional manner, complying with all legal, ethical and moral standards applied to my profession. I understand that my use of the training materials in clinical or other applications relies on my skill, and in some cases other education and hereby indemnify the Goulding Institute against any and all issues legal or otherwise arising from my use of the course materials. I understand that the Goulding Institute may reject my application for admission for any reason, under which circumstance any deposit, fees or other payments I have made will be refunded to me.

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