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Joane Goulding, Director

Joane is the creator and author of the Goulding SleepTalk™ for Children and ‘Top Hat’ process which she developed in the early 70’s. This unique process which is sometimes called: “the 2 minute gift that lasts a life time”, is about developing a child’s self-empowerment and teaches strategies which assists parents to help their own children deal with trauma, stress and behavior management. Joane is currently working with the Yarra Valley Practitioner’s Project (YVPP) a voluntary group of professionals offering their time to assist the 2009 Victorian Black Saturday fire affected and traumatized families. Though based in Melbourne, Joane's many speaking and training commitments lead her to travel extensively. Given sufficient notice, she is available as a guest speaker and presents the Goulding SleepTalk™ for Children process around the world, training professional consultants and sharing her knowledge at international conferences. Joane is a published author with qualifications in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psycho-nutrition, Training, Assessment and Education and is recognized as one of Australia’s experts in these areas. More information including details of her background and qualifications are available from her website. www.sleeptalkchildren.com

Website: Joane Goulding

Gary Johnston, Director

Gary is based in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and is a Stress Management specialist with a long clinical history in the treatment of high level stress disorders and is a consultant registered with the Goulding Institute. He has spent most of his life studying the mind, starting with an interest in hypnosis when he was 9 years old. His formal studies in Clinical Hypnotherapy with Jim Goulding at the Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science include a Post Graduate Diploma in Hypnotic Science and he is a Master Time Line Therapy practitioner.

His informal studies have taken him to the intricacies and effects of biochemical imbalance on emotional reactivity and to social and religious variations in clinical evaluation and intervention. He is a strong advocate of ethical behaviour in psychotherapeutic practice.

He started clinical practice with the Gouldings at Kordover House in 1991 and has worked clinically and with corporate groups for nearly 30 years. He is now consulting on corporate and organisational stress and change management. Gary is also currently completing an additional Master’s Degree in Applied Social Science and undertaking a worldwide on-line research program www.ptsdresearch.com with sufferers of high level stress disorders, especially PTSD, to clarify the basis of the triggers and perceptions of these reactive disorders in different age, social and religious groups.

Gary is in discussion with the US Armed Forces on PTSD Treatment and the potential for developing a PTSD Emotional Inoculation training program for soldiers going into war zones to try to prevent PTSD before the event.

He has been writing for ezines on-line for some time, mainly on Anxiety disorders, PTSD and Change Management and is currently completing a book on Treatment of Panic and PTSD Disorders for Victims and Clinical Practice. More details regarding his background and qualifications are available from his website: http://www.gmfint.com.

Contact Details: 0407 070 234 

Website:  Gary Johnston

Belinda Hulstrom, Director

Belinda is based in Melbourne and is an Oxford graduate with over 25 years’ career experience in diverse roles in Adult and Secondary Education; Marketing; Human Resources; Counselling and Psychotherapy and Adult Vocational Training. Belinda is the current President of the Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy; Secretary of The Council of Clinical Hypnotherapists; a Board Member of the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists and a member of The Australian Counselling Association. She is also a qualified trainer and principal tutor for The Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnosis (Australia).

Belinda believes that all counseling, psychotherapy and coaching involves stress management and she has developed a particular focus in this area as she has yet to meet anyone for whom the treatment of stress is unneeded or inappropriate.  Belinda has made frequent use of mind-body “coherence” training using the HeartMath FreezeFramer and Emwave HRV technology since 2003. Further details outlining her qualifications and experience can be found by visiting her website: www.belindahulstrom.com

Contact Details: Email: belinda.hulstrom@gmail.com Mobile: 0419 331 457. 

Website:  Belinda Hulstrom

Jeff Berger

Jeff is a registered psychologist with a busy private practice in Gisborne. He is currently preparing for his PhD and has over 30 years of experience and lecturing background in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychology. Jeff was the General Manager of the Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science for some years and he assisted the Director Joane Goulding in the final stages of obtaining Government accreditation and registration as a private provider including RTO status.  Jeff was the senior lecturer in Abnormal Psychology, Gestalt, Counselling and related subjects for many years. He has extensive experience in Psychotherapy, Training and Corporate stress management. Jeff was an executive member of the Victorian ASCH Chapter and its Chairperson for many years and a registered member of the Australian National Hypnotherapy Register.   He has a Master’s degree (Hons) and his professional qualifications include:

B.A (Psych)., B.Th. (Hons),

Grad. Dip. Counselling Psych.

Government Accredited Diploma of Health – Clinical Hypnosis - Issued by the Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science 

Fellow - Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists

Fellow - Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science.

Member, Australian Psychological Society.

Charter Member, Critical Incident Stress foundation of Australia.

Professional and Life Skills Master Coach.

Certificate 1V. Assessment and Workplace Training

Retired Anglican Priest.

Contact Details. (03) 53422224 Mobile: 0419 589 835    Email:  jekasiam@netconnect.com.au.

Website:  Jeff Berger 

Ann Beck

Ann has a corporate finance and small business background, and after completing her Masters in Clinical Hypnosis she is now a senior lecturer, assessor and a member of an examination board in Clinical Hypnosis. Ann is also a Goulding SleepTalk™ consultant and trainer, a trainer of foster carers with Oz Child and Children’s Services and speaks to groups in areas of motivation, goal attainment and personal development. In conjunction with Julie Lorenz, Ann also co-facilitates self-development residential workshops. She has an extensive and busy practice in the Western suburbs of Melbourne. Ann is a full member with Australian Traditional Medicine Society and a registered member of the Australian National Hypnotherapy Register. Her professional qualifications include:

Government Accredited Diploma of Health – Clinical Hypnosis - Issued by the Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science 

  • Certified Master Hypnotist. - Issued by the AAHS 

  • Certificate 1V. Assessment and Workplace Training.

  • Government Accredited Certificate 1V Counselling and Conflict Resolution. - Issued by the AAHS 

  • Certified Trainer and Accredited SleepTalk™ Coach.

  • Member - Academy of Hypnotic Science.

  • Accredited Foster Carer.

  • Member -International Institute of Complimentary Therapists.

Contact Details: email annbecktherapy@hotmail.com 

mobile: 0411 606 649 

Website:  Ann Beck

Margaret Kelly

Margaret is based on the Gold Coast in Queensland and the CEO of the Australian & Pacific College of Clinical Hypnotherapy. After gaining her Psychology degree in 1982 she worked in various fields of management, customer service, recruitment, and as a corporate trainer. She now specialises in Clinical Hypnotherapy with her own full time Hypnotherapy practice of over 15 years in Burleigh Heads. Margaret is also a qualified Goulding SleepTalk™ for Children Consultant and Trainer.

Margaret is the current president of The Hypnosis Association of Queensland, a board member of The Council of Clinical Hypnotherapists and Chair of the Development Committee of The Hypnotherapy Council of Australia.

More details regarding Margaret’s qualifications and experience are available from her website: www.apcch.com.au

Contact Details: 07 55358462 

Julie Lorenz

Julie has over 20 years lecturing experience in Clinical Hypnotherapy and specialises in Human Sexuality. She was a senior lecturer in Hypnotherapy and Sexology for the Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science for many years and was also a member of the examination board.  Julie is currently lecturing in Hypnotherapy and Human Sexuality and in conjunction with Ann Beck.  Julie also co-facilitates self-development residential workshops and has an extensive and busy private practice in Kew. She is a full member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society and a registered member of the Australian National Hypnotherapy Register.  Her professional qualifications include:

Grad Diploma - Social Services and Counselling.

Diploma  of Family Therapy.

Government Accredited Diploma of Health – Clinical Hypnosis - Issued by the Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science 

Government Accredited Certificate 1V- Counselling and Conflict Resolution – Issued by AAHS

Certificate 1V.  Assessment and Workplace Training.

Contact Details: 0407 772 125    Email: julielorenz04@yahoo.com.au

Website:  Julie Lorenz 


Cherie de Hass

Cherie de Haas has practiced in Natural Therapies for 40 years in her very busy clinic and her consulting clinic is booked out 12 months in advance and she is now consulting with the 5th generation of some of her families. She has a wonderful team of  Doctors and Specialists that she refers to on a very regular basis. 


Her motto is 'who cares who gets you better, as long as we get you there together'.


She was the first naturopath in Australia to have a segment on prime-time television, Healthy, Wealthy & Wise, where she remained for seven years.  She presented on Channel 10 FCTV with Julia Zaetta and GMA with Bert Newton.  She travelled also to New Zealand to present on Good Morning New Zealand.  Cherie worked on radio with regular talkback on health on 3UZ and 3AK.  She contributes articles to many magazines including:  Hair, Body and Beauty, Family Circle, Good Medicine and local newspapers.



She also formulates for Aloe Vera Australia both here in Australia, Asia,  Germany and now for the Taekwondo Association World Wide.  She lectures regularly at QANTAS on health issues and many other corporate institutions internationally.


Cherie travels each year to Fiji where she lectures and researches plants and herbs that the Fijians use and have done so for many generations.  She has a great love for the children at the local Orphanage and loves to do volunteer work with them.


Her professional membership past and present include:

  • ASCH

  • ATMS

  • AAHS



  • ANTA Fellow/Registered member. No: 1362.

Her academic and professional qualifications include:

  • Diploma of Naturopathy (ND) Institute of  Drugless Therapy. (1972)

  • BSc, Iridology, Nutrition, Reflexology and Pharmacology. (1972)

  • Certificate of Herbal Medicine. International Health College, Queensland. (1974)

  • Homeopathy and Post Graduate Homeopathy (Dip Hom BSc) Homeopathic College, Tanunda, SA. (1975)

  • Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy. AAHS (1982)

  • Post Graduate Diploma. Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy. AAHS (1984)



Elaine Stoeckel -JP

Initially from Renmark, South Australia, Elaine was a primary school teacher in Adelaide and Truro and later became a wheat and stud merino sheep farmer in Western Australia, which spanned the next 30 years. The experience has given Elaine a great insight into chemicals and their use and mis-use. Elaine qualified as a Naturopath in Perth in the 1980’s and Clinical Hypnotherapy in Melbourne 1992. She has been a qualified Naturopath for over 25 years and consults with clients in her busy clinic on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

For 2 years Elaine presented a weekly radio segment on Gold Coast Radio, 107.3 Life FM, informing the listeners of important health issues for the community.  She is a 69 year old mother of 4 daughters – all interested in health with 2 fully qualified naturopaths - and has 11 wonderful healthy grandchildren. She has been described as a Naturopath with a difference and is recognised an expert in the area of detox, working with hormonal balance and weight loss.

Being a Naturopath with a difference, Elaine works with a holistic approach to health and treats all aspects of a person which results in a happier, healthier life. She has expertise in women’s health, skin conditions and speaks on - menopause, hormones, psycho-nutrition, chemicals and lifestyle and her mission is to educate and assist people to become aware of their true essence and learn all they can about their functioning. Elaine believes there is a greater need for everyone to take control and responsibility for their own health therefore learn all one can and evaluate that information and easily make the simple changes required. 

Elaine is an educator, lecturer and a Justice of the Peace. She held an executive position on the board of the Complementary Medicine Association (CMA), as Federal Treasurer for 5 years and was also the Federal representative for Western Australia.  Elaine has been an educator for many years and was commissioned to train post graduate students of Naturopathy in both Australia and New Zealand, discussing Urine analysis using Reams Biological Theory of Ionization. She is recognised as an expert in her field, advising professionals and members of the public on:

·          Hormonal health.

·          Detox and weight management programs.

·          Chemical issue in food and home.

·          Energy Transformation.

 Elaine has conducted Australian health lecture tours for US authors and researchers,

·          Dr Eva Snead : Vaccinations and the harm they are causing.

·          Udo Erasmus PhD. Fats that Heal and Fats that Kill’.

 Her professional membership past and present include:

·          Registered with the Board of Natural Therapists of Western Australia. (1993)

·          Co-Founding member of the Western Australian Register of Natural Therapists. (1993)

·          Member of The Complementary Medicine Association. (CMA) (1985)

·          Member of The Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science..(AAHS) (1992)

 Her academic and professional qualifications include:

·          Diploma in Naturopathy. (ND) (1992)

·          Diploma in Clinical Ecology. (1990)

·          Diploma in Eye diagnosis. (1986)

·          Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy. (1992)

·          Post Graduate Diploma of Psychotherapy.(1997)

·          Facilitator of Energy Transformation.(2005)

·          Diploma in Myorthotics, Massage and Bowen body treatments. (1986)

·          Primary school teacher in SA.(1963 – 1965)


Allison Roe

Faculty Mediator

Allison provides mediation services for all staff and students of the Goulding Institute.
If you are having a problem in any field of life, including family, and you need a mediator, Allison will be happy to provide her excellent service.

Telephone: 0447 076 657    Email: allisonroe@bigpond.com