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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I access my course?
A: Go to http://www.thegouldinginstitute.net/moodle/ and login using the login and password you have been provided. If you do not have or have forgotten your login details please email login@thegouldinginstitute.net

Q: I am not yet registered in a course but wish to talk to an educator. Who do I talk to?
A: Send an email via the Contacts page and one of the staff will get back to you as soon as possible

Q: Is my course accredited?
A: This is a common question. Country or State accreditations mean very little in the global classroom space in which The Goulding Institute offers its courses. The certification is provided by The Goulding Institute which is recognised by a growing number of Professional Associations in all areas of the medical and mental health professions. Please see the About page for details.

Q: The course refers to a Learning Journal. What is it?

It is common practice, and a good one, in distance education to start a journal of your learning experiences to assist in formulating and organising your thoughts on the subject matter. You can use any form of Journal you wish, but we would suggest a loose leaf folder as you may add in copies of downloaded research papers and other materials. You will be asked during the course to evaluate the information provided in terms of how the knowledge affects you and your client base, to enhance the practical application of the knowledge. Whilst it is not mandatory to use a Learning Journal it will help your understanding of the course immensely. Get into the habit of using it. It is a valuable tool, not just while you are doing the course, but as you start implementing into your practice.

Q: Do I need high speed broadband to do the course?

Ideally yes. There are a number of video presentations as part of the course, some drawn from external sources, others are in house. Where possible we have allowed a number of different resolutions for slower speed broadband, but best results are obtained from cable, ADSL2 or ADSL. Dial up connections will not handle the video content without very large delays. The faster your broadband the less delays you will experience when watching.

Q: What form does the evaluation take?

After completing each Unit you will need to complete a Quick Quiz. This comprises 8-12 multiple choice questions on the topics in the Unit. The questions may come from written materials, downloadable research papers, videos or other content in the course. Successful completion, with a mark of 70%, allows you to move on to the next module. You cannot access the next module until this quiz is completed.

Q: I cannot access the next Unit. The Unit is "greyed out" in the Course page.

You must successfully complete the Quick Quiz for the previous Unit before you can move on. Once you have done that you can automatically access the next Unit. You cannot jump Units - they must be completed in order.