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Psycho-nutrition Diploma goes live

Posted by thegouldinginstitute on May 2, 2012 at 11:55 PM  

The Post Graduate Diploma of Psycho-nutrition and Orthomolecular Medicine goes live on June 1st. Register your interest NOW to ensure you are amongst the first to gain a Diploma in this very important discipline.

Knowledge of Psychonutrition is essential for anyone working in the field of mental health as mal-nutrition is the cause of a great variety of physical and mental disorders. Psychotherapy has little or no result if the biochemical base is not dealt with. Mental illness is NOT caused by a lack of prescription drugs!

This course covers both the theory and practice of providing results based additional care for your patients and clients.

High quality training is alive and well!

Posted by thegouldinginstitute on March 15, 2012 at 5:10 AM  

High quality training in the mental health professions can be hard to find. The secret to getting value for money when engaging in a learning curve is to find high quality content, presented in a easily understood way.

Flexible delivery is also important for professionals who are busy.

Courses presented by the Goulding Institute are carefully prepared to take these issues into account, providing theory and practice based on over 100 years of clinical and academic experience.

Our courses are recognised by a wide variety of quality professional organisations for CPE (continuing professional education). If your professional organisation is not yet on the list please provide us with details and we will approach the organisation on your behalf to establish recognition.

Feel free to leave comments here on our courses or suggestions for courses you need in the mental health area.